• 2007   Collaborated with the Chelan Nordic Club, the Forest Service, and the Lake Chelan Rotary Club to provide SKIER AND HIKERS WITH SHELTER, located on Echo Ridge.  
    Outcome: Provided public relations, sponsored a fundraiser, donated funds and assisted in building of a recreational Yurt (warming hut) at Echo Ridge, completed in 2008.


  • 2007 Formed a project working committee entitled "Lake Chelan Aquatics and Community Center Committee" to assist a citizen's interest group in moving forward on the project.  Forged a formal partnership with the City of Chelan as referenced by City Council minutes dated August, 2009.
    Outcome:   In 2008 secured funding from the Port of Chelan County ($10,000), City of Chelan (authorized maximum $20,000) and the LCRDF (authorized additional as necessary) for the site location feasibility study.  Received additional planning only grant from CTED ($24,000).


  • 2006-2007  Participated in the development of the plan for recreation component of the FERC license implementation for Lake Chelan Hydro Electric Project, including preparation of alternative trail plans for the Riverwalk Park trail extension and the Reach One Trails. 
    Outcome:  Based on LCRDF input the PUD revised the location of the Riverwalk Park Trail extension.  In the process a number of alternate trail locations were developed.  Although not incorporated into the PUD's trail plans, these alternate locations provide a foundation for a network of trails accessing public land into the Gorge and Chelan Butte.


  • 2004  In an effort to advocate for improved public access to Lake Chelan submitted a written request to the USFS to relocate the current Forest Service offices and shops utilizing a land trade (i.e. city/county/federal).


  • 2004 Collaborated with the City of Chelan and an ad hoc parent/user committee to design and construct a Skateboard Park.
    Outcome: Developed and executed a contract with the City of Chelan to build the existing Skateboard Park utilizing in-kind services, donated funds and volunteer labor.