Several years ago, Mike Sherer, Chair of the LCRDF, wrote a letter to the DNR requesting that they remove the Howe Sound Pier as it is very unsightly.  Several years later, the consortium that owns the point of land adjacent to the Boat Company (in shore from the pier) applied for permits to build a new marina in front of their property.  Although the existing pier is not on their property, the owners have suggested that removal of the pier from lake elevation 1079 outward could be considered as mitigation for their proposed project.  In general, the permitting agencies and DNR are all in agreement that the idea has merit.   The permit process for that project was started in about 2005 and as of late 2012, is almost finalized.  Marina construction is anticipated to occur on/about 2015.

The inner portion of the pier that is located from lake elevation 1079 and higher is on the Boat Company's property.  The owner of the Boat Company has indicated that he will most likely remove that portion of the pier at the same time as the outer portion is removed by the marina developers.

When built, the new marina will allow boat owners to access the lake year-round since there is adequate water depths at low water levels to allow continued boat moorage.